We Use Mineral Salts:
  • Safe for people
  • Safe for pets
  • Safe for plants
  • Safe on ANY tile surface
  • NO damage To Tile
  • NO pitting Glaze
  • NO slippery beads on pool decks
  • NO broken glass in pool or decks
  • NO Inhalation danger
  • NO damage to pumps or sweepers.
  • NO mechanical abrasive devices
  • NO harsh acids or chemicals
  • NO Need to waste water
  • NO change to pool pH
  • NO artificial per foot prices to lure you.
  • NO pricing games, our bid is a promise.
  • Guaranteed results
Other Methods use
Glass Beads or
Crushed Glass:
  • Eye Injury
  • Skin Irritant
  • Inhalation Danger
  • Slip & Fall danger
  • Damages Pumps & Sweepers
  • Damages Tile Glaze
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Pool Tile Cleaning
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Let us safely remove that nasty ring from your pool
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